Guvon Hotels & Spas strive to be responsible for its impact on society and the environment. We aim to make social responsibility a part of our day to day business activities by emphasizing environmental issues, social participation, and sponsorship in various forms.


At Guvon Hotels & Spas, we are proud of being able to call ourselves “at the heart of the community”, thanks to our longstanding social engagement and support to many social or environmental causes. Indeed, we try to support as much fundraising drives as possible each year or to endorse local or national non-profit organizations in their projects. If your charitable organization directly impacts the community where we have a presence, our hotels would be excited to review your request for support and ensure you receive a response in a timely manner.

Kindly please send us all donations requests (on your organizations letterhead) to our Donation Committee.

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Brenda Dooge
Public Relations & Content Specialist / Event Planning Strategist ( That Co)

Tel 082 728 7835