Local is Lekker” is a common South African phrase meaning the things close to home are often the best. Lekker (adjective) is the Afrikaans word meaning delicious, but it is generally used to describe something as nice, cool, awesome and many more similar descriptions – Atlas Corp

There is something alluring about the far-away, but we so often forget the beauty that our own country has to offer, simply because we never actually think to explore it. It is there right in front of us, right under our noses. And like so many things that are right in front of us, we often don’t see them!

By exploring your own country you get closer to its history, its legends and its personality. Our country is more than just where you live, it gives you that sense of place and belonging – it’s simple, it’s calm, it’s refreshing and it’s called home!

Here are just a few unquestionable reasons why travelling ‘local is lekker’ and why you should book your next local stay with Guvon Hotels & Spas

Reason #1:
Travelling Local Is More Than Lekker… It’s Great Value. Goodbye expensive airfare. Cheerio rubbish exchange rates. Farewell costly vaccinations…..By travelling within the borders of South Africa it means that you don’t have to waste your precious time and money to get those costly Visas and/or passports. It also means, more time to play and a lot less paperwork.  By travelling within our country means that you can go from city to city or town to town (or for that matter from province to province).  Staying on home soil is a way of simplifying your escape. There’s no passports, currency or travel to organise

Reason #2:
Our country has 11 official languages which are filled with rich and beautiful sounds.  There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of someone speaking in your Mother tongue. What a wonderful way exploring your own country & you don’t have to learn a new language – nor will you get stuck in a situation where no-body is able to understand you.  Being a local South African has its perks as one of our 11 official languages is English, which means there is always going to be someone, somewhere who will be able to assist you. Travelling in your own country is an absolute breeze, leaving you more time to focus on the beautiful sights and sounds around you.

Reason #3:
The beauty of being a local tourist is you can hop on the train, bus, bike, boat, in the car or by foot and travel as little or as far as you want.  You can set off into the sunset whenever your heart desires, and you’re used to the feel on your own vehicle. Not to mention driving on the side of the road you’re accustomed to.

Reason #4
South Africans have a love affair with food and the abundance of great eateries serving up gourmet goodness is testament to this.  Food offers us a window into the culture, the people and the country – it is a melting pot that has resulted in myriad tantalising local dishes. Our local food is steeped with traditions & history and offers us a taste bud-tingling foodie paradise just waiting to be explored. From spicy Cape Malay curries to pap en vleis (meat), dombolo (dumplings) and the best wines – it is impossible to narrow down South African dishes (or wines) to just one favourite.

Reason #5
So many places to see….so little time! South Africa offers a wide range of tourist attractions for every personality, from the stay-at-home types to the adventurous at heart. There are so many places where you can saunter aimlessly – or get a thrill out of it by exploring off-the-track destinations in some of the many lesser-known attractions.  By travelling locally you’ll learn more about your country’s history and heritage as there is so much more to discover & so much more to see than you realise. 

By travelling local is an addiction – once you start it’s hard to stop. It will inspire more future trips.  All in all, local is lekker. “Why” you may ask? All because South Africa has everything & more you could ask for and at Guvon Hotels & Spas we have everything for that perfect break.

Guvon Hotels & Spas is a leading hospitality group offering a collection of hotels in Gauteng & Northwest. All properties offer excellent accommodation, conference, team building and wedding facilities. Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa, Glenburn Lodge & Spa and Bush Willow Tented Camp are in Muldersdrift, in the Cradle of Humankind. Askari Game Lodge & Spa, a Big 5 game reserve and Warthogs Bush Lodge are both in Magaliesberg. The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort (Randpark Golf Club) add city retreats to our country collection of properties, with Black Eagle Boutique Hotel in Roodepoort bringing a boutique hotel on board.  Our footprint is completed with River Place Lodge situated in the Hennops River Valley, Centurion | Central Reservations 08611 48866

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