How to create a hotel bedroom at home during lockdown

How to create a hotel bedroom at home during lockdown

We have all been adjusting to the ‘new’ normal of lockdown & there is no place like home….but being stuck at home in isolation has led to many people feeling just a teeny bit claustrophobic and missing someone or something is such an amazing feeling to have. … You can attach yourself to a moment, your favourite food, a sunset, a smile, a special place!

Missing the daily pleasures of pre-quarantine life doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Since the start of social-distancing measures have come into place you might be feeling nostalgic and been missing your favourite venue with wide open spaces. There is no word for pandemic-induced nostalgia – the missing for things that hardly seemed to matter only a few weeks ago but that aren’t really in the “past” We will most definitely have them again, only time will tell when.

The one thing you might be missing the most is staying over at a luxury venue. In your dreams you can imagine is slipping into bed made up with crisp linens and soft pillows that you can usually only find on a luxurious hotel bed. Just imagine….if you could recreate this blissful experience right there at home – now you can with this step-by-step guide from our Head Housekeeper at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort.

You can now easily make every night’s sleep as eventful & restful as the ones on vacation, from the high thread count sheets to the feathery comforter and pile of pillows.

All you’ll need to re-create your hotel style bed:
– 3 flat sheets
– Blanket
– Feather duvet
– Duvet cover
– Pillows
– Pillowcases
– Decorative pillows
– Decorative Throw /blanket

Directions on Make your hotel style bed:

Step 1:
Firstly, start by putting a crisp lay flat sheet across the mattress. Pull the corners taught & tuck in the top right corner of this sheet (closest to the headboard) & repeat on the left side.

Step 2:
Next, lay the second flat sheet on top of this sheet & pull taught to remove wrinkles. You must ensure that the top of the second sheet lines up with the headboard. DO NOT tuck the second sheet in at all.

Step 3:
Lay a light blanket down on top of your first sheet. Align the blanket to match the sheet.  Leave about a hand’s length of space between the duvet and the headboard.

Step 4:
Now, the third and final sheet is layer on top of the blanket. The top of this sheet should rest slightly higher than the blanket as you must fold the sheet over the duvet.

Step 5:
Fold the top edge of the third sheet over the top of your blanket. Take the portion of your third sheet that extends past the blanket and fold it back so it’s now between the blanket and your second sheet. Lastly fold, tuck and flatten the portion of the sheet under the blanket so it rests perfectly flat.

Step 6:
Tuck the top of all sheets tightly under the bed. Repeat on the other side of the bed. Do not tuck in the rest of the entire sides of the bed yet. How far down you fold your sheets will depend on how many pillows you plan to place on your bed. You want your sheets to end where your pillows start

Step 7:
Next, you will fold the corners at the foot of the bed. Take all three layers at one corner and pull taught. Flatten the sheets at the foot of the bed.

Lift the bottom side of the mattress with one hand and use your other hand to karate chop all sheets tightly underneath the foot of the bead. Do exactly the same on the other side.

Step 8:
To get that nice envelope look, run your finger down the side of the bed at a forty-five-degree angle. Do this while pulling the sheets taught with your other hand. This creates an imaginary triangle. Fold the triangle portion of sheets at the bottom under your mattress. Tuck in the rest of the sheets and smooth to remove wrinkles. Do this for both sides of the bed.

Step 9:
Place duvet cover in cover and shake to distribute the filling evenly, now throw it on your bed and let it float down on top of your sheets. This motion will allow it to retain fluff. Pull the corners taught and equally distributed on both sides of the bed. Then fold the top back in a rectangle to leave room for your pillows.

Step 10:
Place your pillows in the correct pillow cases and fluff appropriately. Then arrange the pillows to your preference. The amount of pillows and styles you use is up to you. The only requirement is that you use the same number for each side of the bed. Place the pillows in a symmetrical arrangement on each side.

Step 11:
Lay a throw blanket down if you so desire. You may add a throw blanket over your duvet cover if you wish to accent your bed any further by either draping it over the foot or neatly align it with the edge

Voila success. You have just re-create the magic of an incredible hotel bed at home!

Adding Personal Touches
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of making a bed like a hotel, you can start to add a DIY turn-down service ritual that allows you to enjoy your hard work.

When it’s time for bed, dim the lights, light a candle or two (or turn on an aroma diffuser) sprinkle rose petals if you feel romantic  then slowly pull back the sheets and enjoy the crisp inviting fabric as you slip into bed. Make every moment count!

Remember to share your own incredible hotel inspired bed at home with us.

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