Guvon is showing love to the environment this Valentine’s Day

Guvon Hotels & Spas is showing love to the environment this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – one of the most popular days of the year is upon us. Gifts will be exchanged to express affection for that someone special. This year, instead of buying something disposable, such as a bouquet of flowers, consider something that benefits both the receiver and the environment:

A beautiful plant will last longer than cut flowers in a vase. Plant their favourite flowering bush in the yard or a fruit tree to stay sweet year-round!  Potted plants and herb gardens are perfect for apartment living. Use small mason jars and small plants to multiply the gift for your co-workers or best friends!

Purchasing tickets for experiences instead of things can provide lasting memories for you and your loved one. If you are thinking about buying a green gift for that someone on your list who prefers conscious consumption, you‘ll need to think carefully – consider a sunset Heli-Flip & dinner at Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa or a stay-over with dinner at Askari Game Lodge & Spa followed by a game drive.

A riverside Romantic Setting at River Place Lodge, Lush Garden candlelit Dinner at Black Eagle Boutique Hotel & Conferences , Fine-dining at Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort or French themed dining at Glenburn Lodge & Spa will make your loved one feel extra special.

Spoil them with a soothing massage or go on romantic dinner at any one of the Guvon Properties were you’ll be able to find thoughtful one-of-a-kind gift for your special someone.

The Guvon Sales Team made a conscious decision to go green and they surprised our clients with a Portulacaria afra (Spekboom) earlier this year.  Continuing on the theme, by bringing the outside inside for Valentine’s Day we have been gifting our clients with the cutest, “let your love grow”, potted succulents.

These are the latest gardening trend, plus they are wonderful decor accessory and alternative to the big garden experience, and gardening has never been more fashionable than now. These tiny succulents only need a wee spritz of water once a week—perfect for a busy home.

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