Dream Vow Renewals – When One ‘I Do’ Is Not Enough

Dream Vow Renewals – When One ‘I Do’ Is Not Enough

Rewrite one of the most beautiful days of your life in the exclusive setting of Black Eagle Boutique Hotel & Conferences. This beautiful hotel, set in landscaped gardens in Ruimsig is the perfect place to put the spark back into your relationship.

You’ve made it through the years together as a married couple… you may have had your ups and your downs, but you’d do it all over again and you want the world to know it…

Saying your “I still do” to your better half in a private intimate ceremony or simply shouting it from the roof tops in front of friends and family is the ultimate way of confirming your love for one another.

What is a vow renewal?
A vow renewal is a ceremony to reaffirm your love for each other and to celebrate the joint life you have led so far. It can be as formal or informal as you like, in whatever fashion you desire and can be commemorated anytime and anywhere you like. Traditional wedding etiquette doesn’t apply – as you are already legally married.

Why Have a Vow Renewal?
Couples renew their vows for many reasons:

  • You got married, but missed out on the first wedding reception. The reasons are many – limited time or money, elopement, or being married abroad.
  • You had a grand wedding largely dictated by family, but wanted something intimate.
  • You might have gone through a difficult period and want to spend time together to strengthen your relationship as you create new memories together
  • You have hit a relationship milestone. Perhaps the birth of their first or last child or a fifth, tenth, twentieth, or even fiftieth anniversary. These big anniversaries are a natural time to celebrate their lasting love.
  • You may elect to renew your vows every year on your anniversary with just the two of you at home or away on a special vacation.

Invite Guests – or not
Your vow renewal ceremony can be as modest or as elaborate as you want. You may want the ceremony to be just between the two of you. You might choose to invite close family and friends and have an intimate reaffirmation instead.  The choice is all yours!

Choose a suitable date
It is good to plan ahead and decide on a date when you would like to renew your vows. A date that is special to the two of you would be a nice touch.  If you are planning to invite guests, choose a date when they will be able to attend. Make sure to also tell them of your plans as far in advance as possible

Pick the perfect location
There are no rules about where to renew your vows. From the backyard to somewhere exotic, it’s all up to you. At Black Eagle Boutique Hotel we offer you and your soulmate a wide variety of venue options for your vow renewal event. Whether you’re surrounded by the vibrant autumn colours, lush summer greenery or a winter wonderland, Black Eagle delivers unrivalled beauty for your special day.  Our impeccable service and fine dining will exceed your expectations.

How does the ceremony work?
You are already married, so there are no legalities!  You don’t have to walk down the aisle and no one has to give away anyone. However, if you want it to be similar to a wedding, go with it!

During the ceremony you can exchange the vows you originally said or make up new one to create brand new promises to each other. You can include unity candles, exchange new rings or gifts, or get a new engraving on the old rings. It’s all up to you!

Think of what dress code you would like
As with the other aspects of the vow renewal, it is entirely up to you. Whether you both wear the same outfits as your wedding day, formal evening wear or something nice that is a bit more casual, you want your ceremony to best reflect you and your spouse. Either way, make sure your guests know what to expect.

Black Eagle Boutique Hotel is a proud member of the Guvon Hotels & Spas Portfolio

We hope you enjoyed our tips on planning a vow renewal ceremony. If you are thinking about your vows renewals at Black Eagle Boutique Hotel contact us on Tel 011 958 5225 and we will help you plan your special day!

Renew your Vows with Black Eagle Boutique Hotel

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